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A sexual attraction between the two characters slowly developed as they clashed repeatedly to solve the murder case.

Director Kim Hyung Joon explained that the bed scene between the two leads was essential to bring out this sexual attraction.

"The main concept of this movie is femme fatale and I had Sharon Stone's 'Basic Instinct' in mind when I was directing this film," said Kim.

"Park Si Yeon's physical temptation was necessary to portray that fatal attraction," he added.

 At the film's premiere in Seoul on April 3, Park opened up at the press conference to reveal she felt pressurised shooting the nude scene, reported Korean media.

"When I first got the script, there was no sex scene. I did not know I had to go naked in front of camera until we started filming," said Park.

The actress added it was tough for her as she had never done such a scene before.

It was only after several heated discussions with the director, Kim Hyung Joon, and co-star Park Hee Soon, that Park Si Yeon agreed to go ahead with the filming.

In the suspense thriller, Park Si Yeon plays the role of an attractive widow who holds vital information about her husband's murder case while Park Hee Soon plays a detective who accidentally gets involved in the same case. Read More

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